Maturing Cheese

Cheese that you can never rush

Old Telegraph Road (OTR) celebrates the time honoured traditional method of cheese making – one that values the benefits of patience, allowing for natural ageing to occur. In today’s fast paced world the traditional art of cheese ripening has been lost. Old Telegraph Road brings back the delicious texture, taste and aroma of traditional cheese through ripening it to perfection.

Most cheese today is released before it is mature and in optimum condition. In Australia our cheese culture is still very young. Few people understand the benefit of maturing cheese for optimum flavour and mouth feel and often eat cheese before it has reached its full potential. Regrettably lovers of cheese have come to accept unripe, immature cheese as the norm. It isn’t. There are so many elements to producing top quality cheese but it is the traditional method of ripening that has been the missing link. To add complexity to cheese and to make it something special cheese has to be allowed to age.

At Old Telegraph Road we care about such things and so do admirers of real, traditional cheese. The Old Telegraph Road product range is made following the age-old European method that allows for increased maturing time. For instance, our OTR Brie and Triple Cream White are matured in ideal conditions for up to eight weeks before they are despatched from the Old Telegraph Road factory.

OTR is for people who want to experience real cheese again. It is for those who care more about taste and flavour, rather than how long is the use by date. It is made in Victoria by passionate local country folk, for Australians who appreciate local regional produce made with healthy, happy cows that feed on the moist, rich pasture of the West Gippsland valley.